Ecolab and Food Safety

Ecolab is committed to partnering with customers to drive food safety performance through new innovations and ideas. As a global leader in food safety, Ecolab delivers comprehensive solutions, data-driven insights and on-site service to promote safe food, maintain clean environments, and improve operational efficiencies for customers around the world.

What is a Food Safety Culture Assessment?

The Ecolab Food Safety Culture Assessment is a new, innovative, and tested tool designed to measure and advance the food safety culture discussion in your organization. It helps take the discussion from a mere awareness exercise or slogan to proven strategies used by advanced practitioners on topics related to culture measurements, proven principles of human behavior, and real world industry best practices. This assessment was developed by renowned food safety expert, author and adjunct professor Frank Yiannas, a leader in food safety and behavior.

How Does it Work?

The Food Safety Culture Assessment is a series of simple-to-read and understand questions designed around the key elements of an effective Food Safety Culture as listed in the first and most cited text on the subject, Food Safety Culture, Creating a Behavior Based Food Safety Management System by Frank Yiannas (2009). The assessment questions cover the key elements of an effective Food safety Culture outlined in Yiannas’s book including Expectations, Training & Education, Communication, Goals & Measurements, and Consequences.

Assessment questions are anonymously rated by employees and reported as an average score for the site and company. Demographic data can be captured as requested to assist in identifying trends by unique attributes important to your company. The assessment has been designed so that it can be administered to employees by a variety of easy-to-use mediums and it only takes minutes to complete.

Assessment results are reported to you with an overview of results by question and category, a Food Safety Culture Index, an industry benchmark score, and recommendations designed to help you prioritize your action planning efforts. In addition, insights are provided on the demographics most likely to answer favorably and unfavorably to assist with activating improvement strategies. Companies can take the assessment on an annual basis or at the frequency desired to ensure they are making progress in maintaining and strengthening a world-class food safety culture, as assessed against a Food Safety Culture Maturity Model. In today’s world, ensuring food safety is critical to ensuring continued business success. Food safety can’t wait. Contact Us for more information about the Food Safety Culture Assessment and to help your company get started.